Why We Prefer Permanent Wooden Garden Gazebos?

Why We Prefer Permanent Wooden Garden Gazebos?

A permanent gazebo can be made of many different materials. Wood, metal, plastic... almost any material will work for this purpose.

Wooden gazebos perform the best as permanent gazebos because they are much heavier, stronger and more weather-resistant than vinyl or pvc gazebos, and more beautiful and blend into the garden much better than metal or steel gazebos.

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Long Lasting and Durable Wooden Gazebos for Your Garden

Permanent gazebos are the perfect way to bring a touch of luxury and elegance into commercial or private gardens.

They can be used as extra shelter for guests at wedding receptions, garden parties or even restaurant diners on milder days. Gazebos are strong enough to weather any storm but stylish enough that they will not look out of place in peaceful surroundings.

Your new wooden gazebo does not need to be completely enclosed like an actual building since it does not need to protect you from weather elements such as rain or snowfall; however, it should protect you from blowing wind and strong sunlight.

Permanent Gazebo Options - Pros and Cons

 Gazebo Construction Advantages Disadvantages

quick and easy to set up

lowest cost

not as strong as wooden or metal gazebos,

easily damaged by the wind


Best looking gazebos,

strong and durable,

most stylish


require maintenance such as treating the timber every few years,

more expensive than vinyl options

Metal or Steel

extremely strong

little to no maintenance required

do not look as good or blend in as well as wooden gazebos do in the garden


For the reasons above we prefer wooden gazebos. To discuss the various options available from Premier Gazebos please phone 01 960 1641.