Popular Options & Accessories for Wooden Gazebos

Popular Options & Accessories for Wooden Gazebos

One of the most popular options for wooden gazebos is a canopy.

Canopies provide protection from direct sunlight and create a pleasant, shaded area to relax in.

Popular accessories for garden gazebos include: 

  • outdoor furniture such as chairs and tables,
  • electric lights,
  • changing rooms,
  • shingle and tiled-roofs,
  • latticework,
  • hot tubs,
  • poker tables,
  • chess boards,
  • table tennis tables,
  • heaters,
  • fire pits,
  • seating and sides for your gazebo,
  • umbrellas,
  • outdoor bars,
  • pizza ovens,
  • saunas,
  • fans,
  • mosquito nets and
  • other decorative elements such as plant holders.


For added convenience you can also look into electric outlets for charging phones or powering speakers. With these items a wooden gazebo can become an inviting and comfortable outdoor retreat that you will enjoy spending time in year round!

Steps & Railings

Last but not least don’t forget about safety with railings and steps if your gazebo is elevated off the ground. All these options and accessories can be added to a wooden gazebo to create the perfect backyard oasis. Have fun designing your outdoor space!


Some other ideas for customizing your gazebo include adding curtains, an outdoor sound system, or even a TV. You could also add window boxes filled with flowers or plants around the perimeter of the gazebo for more natural beauty.

Benches & Seating

Adding benches and swings will give you extra seating and make your space even more inviting. Stringing up some festive lights will turn it into a magical place in the evening hours. There are endless opportunities so let your imagination run wild! With all these options available you’ll have no trouble creating a unique and beautiful wooden gazebo.