The Benefits of A Wooden Pergola for Your Home

The Benefits of A Wooden Pergola for Your Home

Are you less than satisfied with the current appearance of your garden? Might you be planning a family gathering once the weather turns more pleasant? If so, there are plenty of options to consider.

The main benefits of a garden pergola are the beauty, function, and shade that they can offer to an already well-kept garden of the houseproud homeowner. Pergolas are a luxury garden accessory that can add style and shade to a beautiful home and garden.


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How to Transform Your Garden with the Help of a Pergola

One of the most popular solutions involves installing a bespoke pergola. If you are unfamiliar with the benefits that these structures can provide, there is no doubt that the information found below will come in handy.

1. A Touch of the Mediterranean

Why not enjoy a home-based holiday with the help of a professionally installed pergola? Unlike decidedly British extensions such as orangeries and conservatories, pergolas will offer your property what can only be called a Mediterranean flavour.

They offer you the ability to enjoy the spring and summer months while also boasting an impressive amount of shade if you are not a fan of the heat. You may also choose to add functional elements such as screens or lighting fixtures to enjoy a superior sense of comfort throughout the year.

2. The Importance of Privacy

It seems as if privacy has become a commodity in this day and age; especially if you happen to live within a metropolitan area. Although it might not be realistic to erect massive fences or to employ blackout window shades, pergolas represent a dream come true if you have been looking to avoid prying eyes.

Pergolas are designed in such a manner as to allow homeowners to add additional elements such as privacy screens or a plants that are able to provide a "green" barrier between yourself and the outside world. This is why they are often employed to cover walkways, decking and similar elements found within a back garden.

3. Dine in Style

One of the guilty pleasures which has always been associated with spring and summer is our ability to dine outdoors. From birthday parties and family gatherings to more intimate events, pergolas can add a touch of class to any event.

Thanks to their ability to block the harsh rays of the sun, these structures are some of the most logical choices when enjoying a lazy weekend snack without having to worry about a plat e of tasty food drying out. In the same respect, pergolas can be adorned with a kaleidoscope of different elements. A handful of examples include:

  • LED lighting fixtures
  • Wireless speakers
  • Hanging candles

It is therefore easy to imbue your garden with a unique flavour that will entice dinner guests to come back for seconds.

4. Create a Hanging Garden

Many consumers have become quite cognisant of the impact that their homes exert upon the environment. This is why lowering the carbon footprint of a property is now a very real objective.

Thankfully, pergolas can be used to provide your garden with what can only be called an organic edge. Flowering plants, vines, and fragrant potted flowers are al possibilities in this sense. Of course, be sure to "think outside of the box" to determine which options are the most appropriate for your home.

5. Pergolas are Excellent Centrepieces

Pergolas can be used to compliment existing elements such as decks, patios and in-ground pools. It is still a fact that they can also be leveraged as standalone items to bring any garden to life. Due to their stunning visual nature, even smaller pergolas can very well represent the centrepiece of any property.

Let us also point out that these structures can be used in synergy with other items such as manicured shrubs, ponds and patterned stone walkways. Simply stated, the only real limits are associated with your imagination.

Transforming your garden has never been more of a reality thanks to the sheer variety of pergolas that you can choose from. It is easy to procure custom-made configurations and the installation process is straightforward.

These are some of the main reasons why pergolas represent excellent options to consider. Would you like to learn more about your design options or what types of materials are employed? If so, please take a moment to speak with one of our customer service representatives. We are always happy to help.