How to Select the Ideal Location for Your Gazebo?

How to Select the Ideal Location for Your Gazebo?

Once you have decided to add a gazebo to your outdoor space, finding the ideal location is key. The right location will not only enable you to enjoy the maximum use of your gazebo, but also help to protect your gazebo for the long-term too.

As a general rule gazebos are often located either close to the house for entertaining or away from the house for relaxation. Other key factors to help decide the best location for your gazebo include how the sun will hit the gazebo during the day, andthe size and layout of your garden.

Here are the five key points you must consider before deciding on the ideal location for your gazebo.

1. Positioning your Gazebo

One of the first factors you will want to consider is the positioning of your gazebo. You want to make sure that your gazebo protects you from the elements, but also that it isn't exposed too much in the process. If your gazebo is free standing, it should be possible to enjoy sunlight hitting it at various different times throughout the day.


best place to position your gazebo

However, if your gazebo is going to be attached to your property, you may want to keep in mind how much sunlight it will be getting and make sure the area isn't completely shaded. It is also a good idea to place your gazebo somewhere where it won't be exposed to harsh winds.

This means doing a little detective work to find out where the wind blows in from into your garden. Once you have figured out the direction it comes in from most often, be sure to shield your gazebo away from this. Lastly, your gazebo is going to be a place you spend a lot of time in, so be sure the view is one you want to be looking at!

2. Size of the Space for Your Gazebo

Of course, where you put your gazebo will also be dictated to some degree as to how large the size of space you have available is.

It is still possible to find the perfect gazebo even if you have a smaller garden. The key is to find a gazebo that does not overwhelm the space by being clearly too big. Instead, a good rule of thumb is to make sure that your gazebo does not take up more than 25% of your available outdoor space. This will then enable you to enjoy your gazebo whilst still having room to move around it as well.

3. How Will You Use Your Gazebo?

What you want to use your gazebo for is also really important to know before you choose its final location. If you are looking for your gazebo to provide an entertainment space for friends and family that extends from the house, you will probably want to attach your gazebo to an exterior wall.

Either that, or have it placed as close to the back of the property as possible.

However, some people may want their gazebo to serve as an outdoor office space, so if peace and quiet is what you require, a location away from the house would be more suitable.

4. Value for Money

When it comes to considering where you want to place your gazebo, it's a good idea to think of the long-term as well as the short-term. Gazebos can be expensive and tricky to install, so you want to place it somewhere that adds the most value to your property.

Whilst you want to enjoy your gazebo, if you did decide to sell your property, you want to make sure it's an extra feature that adds value, not an eye-sore that would detract from the house's sale price.

5. Ground Surface

Finally, you need to assess the surface of the ground you intend to place your gazebo on. Many gazebos can be built onto existing patio areas, which provide a damp-proof solid foundation. However, if your garden is mainly grass, you will want to consider putting down a stable foundation first prior to erecting your gazebo or garden shed.

An unstable gazebo can pose a safety hazard, and one built upon a waterlogged area can also pose a risk of damp issues in the future. Choosing a dry, solid fountain is key when deciding the ideal location for your gazebo.