How to Look After Your Wooden Gazebo or Pergola

How to Look After Your Wooden Gazebo or Pergola

The first thing you should do with your wooden gazebo is to protect it from the elements. This means ensuring that you cover it up if necessary, particularly during the winter months when there can be quite a bit of snow.

As a general rule, you should wash your gazebo or pergola once or twice a year with warm water, mild soap or detergent and a soft scrub brush. This helps to prevent moss, mildew, bird poo and so on getting hold on the timber. At the same time you should gently hose the roof once a year too.

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How to Care for Wooden Gazebos & Pergolas

1. Watch Out for Cracks

Ensure that you fix any cracks before they worsen as this could lead to water seepage which would ruin your gazebo very quickly indeed. If left untreated for long periods of time, this may result in expensive repairs needed to ensure that your new garden ornament is still within useable condition down the line.

2. Treat Your Pergola or Gazebo with High-Quality Wood Preservatives

Wooden structures like wooden pergolas and gazebos need to be treated with high-quality wood preservatives in order to ensure that they do not decay, warp or rot when exposed to excessive moisture. It is highly recommended that you use a water-based stain as this ensures that the chemicals used in preserving and protecting wooden structures like gazebos are safe for the environment and your family.

3. Avoid Close Contact with BBQ Grills & Outdoor Pizza Ovens

When caring for your wooden structures, also bear in mind that they should be kept away from direct heat sources like fireplaces, barbecues and radiators.

Too much exposure to either of these elements will cause wood to dry up and warp.

4. Store Your Chairs, Tables & Soft Furnishings Indoors Over the Winter

It is recommended that you store all cushions inside during the winter period when there is a lot more rain than usual as this will protect them from rain stains which can lead to mould growth within cushions over time.

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