How Big or Small Should the Gazebo Be?

How Big or Small Should the Gazebo Be?

How to Choose the Right Gazebo Size?

Deciding to add a gazebo to your garden can totally transform your outdoor space. But choosing the right size of gazebo can be a little more tricky.
Many people think that a gazebo can be placed anywhere in the garden, but the reality is that where your gazebo sits will dictate what it can be used for and how well it will survive against the elements.

As a general rule the most popular size of gazebo is the 12x12ft/ 365x365cm family gazebo. Typically with enough room for your average-sized family and 6 guests the 12x12ft gazebo is perfect for entertaining or seeking shade and relaxation on a hot day.

Here are some key considerations when it comes to choosing how big or small your gazebo should be.

3 Key Points to Keep in Mind

As it can be a little difficult to decide exactly how big or small you want your gazebo to be, here are 3 key points to keep in mind before you get started -


  • What are the proportions of your garden? Small, medium-sized or large?
  • Where will your gazebo be positioned? Will it catch the sun enough or be exposed to bad weather and strong winds too often?
  • What material, particularly for the roof, will you require?

how to choose the right gazebo size

Knowing the answer to these three simple questions can really help you decide what size of gazebo is best for you.

Gazebos for Small Gardens

For those whose gardens are small but perfectly formed, a gazebo can still be a great option. You just need to make sure that it doesn't completely dominate the space.
For this reason, choosing a gazebo less than 2 metres wide is probably the best option. Do be aware that these gazebos can be harder to find, but it is worth it to make sure they fit your outdoor space perfectly.

Medium-Sized Gazebo Gardens

If you have a medium-sized garden, then you have a few more options at your disposal when it comes to selecting your gazebo. It is still probably a good idea to choose a gazebo that is fairly open in structure, i.e. one that has a roof but not solid walls.
This will allow sunlight to hit your gazebo at various points during the day. These gazebos also look great in the corner of a garden, as well as attached to the house or in the centre of the lawn, providing more options for location.

Gazebos for Larger Gardens

A larger garden does undeniably give you a little more scope when it comes to choosing your gazebo. You can decide on a more summerhouse style structure and create a whole new extra outdoor space if you wish, or you can still decide to go for a more simple structured design.
Either way, the gazebo you choose should still compliment the area available and not be so large as to overwhelm it. Equally, going too small may make your gazebo look out of place, so don't be afraid to go for a larger design to help it fit in more aesthetically with the rest of your outdoor space.

Top Gazebo Styles

Whether you're looking to go big or small, the size of gazebo you are after can greatly enhance its look and feel. Wood and twine gazebos give an effortlessly traditional appearance, reminiscent of the demure and delicate design of Victorian gardens.
If you're after a gazebo that will be more hardwearing, opting for a plastic roof is a good idea. Although not necessarily as visually appealing, you can be confident that your gazebo will stand the test of time. It is also now possible to have a gazebo with a tiled roof if your budget allows.
Tiled gazebo roofs not only look great, but provide superior protection from the elements as well.

Whatever the style of gazebo you choose, keep in mind that it needs to fit into the rest of your garden as a whole.