Do Gazebos Work With Hot Tubs?

Do Gazebos Work With Hot Tubs?

A hot tub in the gazebo can be a very popular garden feature, whether your hot tub is a moveable inflatable or a more permanent fixture, people often love to have a little shade and privacy when they're soaking outdoors on a nice evening.


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If you do plan on using your gazebo with a hot tub, the key thing is to make sure the measurements of both the hot tub and the gazebo will accommodate one another.

Some Considerations When Putting A Hot Tub in the Gazebo:

1. Flooring

If your gazebo is constructed with solid flooring, then you should be able to put a hot tub under it; however, if your gazebo has mesh or perforated floors, this may cause drainage issues for the water underneath the gazebo.

2. Privacy 

As you will know gazebos are open structures, so although the roof will provide privacy its important to know that the sides will still be open. Although this has many advantages.

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